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The R-Sky automatic controller - best solution for managing dew heaters!

The R-Sky automatic controller acts as a “switch on and forget” device.

Just connect the air sensor and the telescope sensor, set the desired temperature range that prevents dew from appearing on your lens (corrector, mirror, etc.) – and voila!

No endless messing with power settings and worries about the telescope misting up or overheating.

The product is very easy to use with no complex controls that need to be worked with in darkness. Just turn the knob and forget about dew.

Key Features

  • Precise automatic temperature control. The controller uses sensors to constantly track changes in air and telescope temperatures and turns on automatically to keep your optics free of dew and moisture.
  • Saves your battery. The R-Sky controller uses pulse-width modulation (PWM) to save energy. Besides, thanks to its advanced automation features, it only turns when it’s really necessary and does not drain the battery.
  • Low charge warning. When the battery’s voltage approaches the critical level of 10.5V, the controller will start producing a regular signal while gradually increasing the brightness of a yellow LED on the faceplate.
  • One device fits all! The controller can simultaneously heat up to 2 optical tools in an automatic mode, e.g. two telescopes or a telescope and a finder (or guide); secondary mirror or finder, etc.

    The 4 remaining outputs work in the following way. Two of them are powerful enough (medium-power) to heat up undemanding eyepieces, finders, remote controls, etc. The other two have a constant voltage of 12V. They can be used for connecting additional equipment or eyepiece/finder heaters when they need more power to stay dry.

    If you are using automatic temperature control for one telescope only using output (1), output (2) switches to a medium-power mode.

    But what if you don’t need automatic temperature control? No problem! Unplug all the sensors from the controller and change the temperature manually. The knob that you used for setting the temperature range turns into a gradual power adjuster that allows you to control the power in the 0-100% range for output (1) and output (2). Outputs (3) and (4) will still be in the medium power mode, and outputs (5) and (6) will be at full 12V.

    This way, the controller can be easily adapted for your current and future needs.
  • No CCD Interference
  • Reverse polarity protection


Some Key characteristics:
Temperature Sensing Controller
Line supply: 12V, DC
6 outputs: 2 automatic control, 2 medium power, 2 full power (12V)
Max. current per channel: 3 A (total 5A)
Pulse Width Modulation duty cycle control
The standard power cable length is 120 cm terminated by a cigarette lighter plug
Very easy to use

What’s included
R-Sky automatic controller - 1 piece
Air Sensor - 1 piece
Telescope sensor - 1 piece
User Manual

User Manual 

User manual in pdf link 

Please note: The automatic controller is assembled individually for each customer. It usually takes 3-5 business days


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