The Observing Hood (“Monk” hood style) is a necessary accessory for any amateur astronomer.

Here are a few of the observing hood's features:

  • It allows you to keep both eyes open. This is a very important feature! When looking through the eyepiece of a telescope, you typically have to close your "unused eye," which makes observing uncomfortable. With this hood, you can keep both eyes open because its shutters reliably shut out extraneous light, thus creating the effect of being fully immersed in outer space - especially with a pair of wide-angle eyepieces!
  • The Observing Hood reliably and comfortably blocks out parasitic light, thereby increasing contrast and reducing glare in the eyepiece. You'll see more without buying a new telescope
  • It can be put on quickly and easily, even in the dark, and, thanks to its three positional shutter buttons, the hood will fit any neck size. We've also taken the observer's seasonal clothing changes into account. The run of the shutters will be sufficient even when you're covered in winter clothing.
  • When the observing hood is not in use (while taking a break from your observations, for example) it can easily be pushed back by pulling on the top part.
  • Ideal for day and night observation
  • Very high quality material. 100% cotton. Denim exterior.



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The Hooded Observing Vest

Many of our customers asked us to make a version of the Observing Hood that is combined with a vest. We have reviewed your requests and created a Hooded Observing Vest.

But it's not just a vest and a big hood. It is a multi-functional vest with a lot of specialized pockets. Specially sized pockets allow you to carry a red flashlight and pencils, a variety of eyepieces of different sizes, filters, smartphones and such large tablets as an iPad Pro 10.5 ".

About the size. Buckles allow you to adjust the size of the vest and even put it over the winter jacket!  

There is a special version of the Astronomical Vest designed for observers of the Sun. It has two main features: the white color of the outer surface, which reduces the heating of the material and makes observations during the day more comfortable, as well as an additional inner layer of material that protects the hood from bright sunlight even more.

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Solar Observing Hood  


The Hooded Observing Vest  


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