Telrad Canvas Cover
The Telrad Canvas Cover is an effective solution for protecting your favorite Finder! The cover is made out of waterproof fabric that prevents the ingress of moisture and dust on the finder when you store the telescope both indoors and outdoors.

With this, your Telrad is always clean and ready to use!




Dust Cover

The Dust Cover is designed to be used with telescopes of various optical systems.

 The Dust Cover is made out of waterproof fabric that ensures protection of the innards of your telescope from dust and moisture during storage and transportation.

  • Made out of dust and waterproof fabric.
  • Protects against dust and moisture on the telescope mirror.
  • Thanks to the elastic band, the Dust Cover is easy to put on and attaches to the tube.
  • Silicone stops on the inner surface of the cover prevent sliding along the tube.




How to purchase?

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