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Some reviews of our products

«The Design and quality of your products is very good! The heaters are really well done and the color code is a great idea too. The cables of heaters for example are very strong and the RCA plug are very well insulated, it's a very good construction! The controllers are also well designed and small so very convenient!»

Fabrice C.,  France, Paris 


«I received the Telrad dew shield and the extra large dew strip today.  
The shield fits very well on my Telrad without obscuring the view through the window.  Over the years, I've tried several different warming strips and gizmos for the Telrad, and also non-heated dew shields.  None of them worked to my satisfaction.   It looks like finally we have something that was designed from top to bottom specifically for optimal dew prevention on the Telrad. 
The extra large strip fits around my 31 Nagler - the Terminagler! - with only an inch gap between the ends.  The strip is three inches high, so covers a large section of the eyepiece body.  I'm sure it will keep all my large eyepieces and the Paracorr free of dew.  
I hooked the shield and the strip to a 12v supply.  They both warm up well and quickly and stay warm.  Very nice!  »

Mike, USA

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«I decided to save some money (about 40%) and order my dew-heaters from a relatively new company, R-Sky.

I asked them a few questions, via e-mail, and they responded very quickly and completely - I like good customer service and they seemed great.

When I ordered, R-Sky immediately sent me a tracking number. I could see that they were shipped within a day of my ordering.

All the straps and cables seem very well made. Nice velcro patch, slightly stretchy, and the cables connections feel very secure.

The controller is solid and small.

I plugged everything in and they all worked like a charm. They are great.

Overall, their service was great and the products appear great, so I give them 10 out of 10.»

Chris Moses, USA

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«I ordered a Telrad heater and a dew heater strip for great big eyepieces because they looked like really good products. I admire the innovation of the dew heater sized to match modern massive ep's and nobody else I know of is making a Telrad heater.

The heater strips look good, well made. Highly recommended 1st class product.»

Dick Gentry, USA

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«R-Sky stuff is very good, the price is great as well. It's well made and feels quality.»

Doc, UK

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«Ik heb via dit bedrijf een dauwcontroller, dauwlint voor vangspiegel en dauwlint voor (klein) oculair besteld voor totaal 57 Euro met 10 Euro verzending (vanuit Rusland)! De afgelopen week heb ik alles uit kunnen proberen en (ondanks dat mijn telescoop helemaal nat was van de dauw) was mijn vangspiegel perfect helder, evenals het oculair!

Ik ben dus helemaal tevreden! »

Marten, Netherlands

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«Heaters and covers have arrived. I'm very happy with my purchase. Many thanks»

Paul R.....y, United Kingdom


«Thanks for such a smooth transaction. This is the best support I have gotten in my whole life! I would really rate the customer support 11/10. I just wanted to let you know that :) Thanks»

Andrew, USA


"I've been using R-Sky dew heaters for more than two years. Here in Prades (Catalonia) temperatures drop below 0ºC half of the year, so it's very important to have a reliable antidew system. R-Sky has served me excellently".

Aleix Roig, Spain Look at web site Alex and his great gallery 


«Bought the 2“ and 1,25“ heat strips and controller a few months ago. They work great. Very satisfied with R-SKY products»

Helmut Schwennicke, Spain See link 

«I have purchased an observing hood and dew heaters / dual channel controller from them. All appear to be of good quality. Had good communication and tracking info from company by email.»

Patrick, USA forum cloudynights.com See Link

«I, too, have purchased dew heaters and hoods from R-Sky. The gear is first rate and shipping and communications were all that I could ask for. IMO it’s a top quality outfit. Order with confidence. »

user StevenYood, USA  forum cloudynights.com See Link

«I purchased their controller, temp probe, 2" & 1.25" heater and secondary heater this past January for my three strut dob. It has open optics and dew is an issue at my observing area. I used this stuff all year and wasn't shut down once for dew. The equipment was flawless - good stuff.»

John, USA forum cloudynights.com See Link


Received my shipment today, and in only 14 days from date of order.  Amazing customer service.  More inportantly, the dew heaters fit and fuction perfectly.  Many thanks.  
David K. Louisiana, USA


About Observing Hood and Vest

«A great design with adjustable snaps to adjust fit around your neck.

Excellent ergonomics and very dark light blocking material. Excellent service, great communication with Roman.

Highly recommended !!»

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Gary S., Canada



«I use a Solar Observing Hood R-Sky. Works great.

>>>Does that hood get kind of hot in the summer?

I've not found it to be uncomfortable in the summer. It's made of breathable cotton. I find it indispensable for solar observing. I'm referring of course to the white solar observing hood, not the black one.»

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Robin Clark, USA Arizona


«Purchased this hood from R-Sky a few weeks ago because I felt my hoodie wasn't sufficient for the job and at £29 I thought it was money well spent.

How right I was, the hood easily blocks out all light and allows me to observe with both eyes open the quality of the material is excellent very well made.

It has 3 buttons for different sizes and also keeps you warm as a added bonus.

In conclusion if your tired of neighbours lights or reflections of your scope or just want to observe with both eyes open then you can do a lot worse.»

«It is as important as a red light or dew shield in my opinion.»

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Richard Hather, UK 

«I received the the observing hood thank you, and was able to try it out, the same night. I suffer quite a lot of stray light at my observing position, and it works beautifully well, I am delighted with it.

Many thanks and with kind regards»

Steve B, UK


«Excellent service from the suppliers in Russia!

Not tested it with the scope yet though. It has very good light blocking properties, I tried in the house and can hardly see a 60w bulb through it. The material looks a good quality as well, plenty big enough...»

Pete Presland, UK.  See Link

«The material from which the hood is made is a perfect weight -- not too heavy, and not too light. I also like that two layers of material were used, which causes the hood to be COMPLETELY opaque... and VERY comfortable to wear. And the workmanship and stitching are very professional in appearance, and extremely finely-done.

All-in-all, an EXCELLENT product... and one that I will be happy to recommend to the Cloudy Nights membership!
My very best wishes,»

Terry F, USA See Link

«The observing hood is simply amazing. Looking forward to test it all as soon as weather permit.

Box is without any damage. Thank you for quick shipment and excellent communication.»

Karel Kuna, Thailand


«A couple of years ago I decided I wanted an observing hood. I discovered R-Sky. I was initially a bit skeptical ordering something from Russia, but was amazed with the communication I received with several pre-order questions. Over a period of a few days, no matter what time of day I emailed, I got a response within an hour. I was also pleasantly surprised how quick it came from Russia to the west coast, less than ten days and at that time shipping was only $5.00! I was provided with a tracking number so I followed its progress across Europe to New York then onto my final destination.

Excellent quality, absolute excellent quality and first rate customer service.»

Solar Ken, USA See Link


«I've had a black R-Sky hood for four months. What I like best about it, is that it extends much farther forward than a hooded T-shirt or sweatshirt does... so it's far more effective at blocking surrounding lights. The snaps on it make it very easy to adjust it to fit. It's also quite comfortable to wear, and large enough that it easily slips on an off your head, while staying in place on your shoulders... unlike a large towel or piece of cloth.»

user cloudynights.com B26354, USA See Link


« Purchased several well made observing hoods. Great products. Excellent communication and fast shipping.
Definitely highly recommended!»

user vkhastro1, Canada forum cloudynights.com See Link

«I've used the vest/hood already and have really enjoyed it.  It is well made and very functional.  The pouches are very convenient for storing eyepieces and accessories so I don't have to constantly be getting up from observing to retrieve these items. 

The hood has made a big difference in blocking neighborhood lights so I can stay dark adapted.  This was a constant problem before using the hood.  I wear a ballcap under the hood, to keep it off my face so I can see better when I do need to walk around, but still allowing plenty of hood material to block the neighbor's lights. 

Thank you for the great product.  It will make observing much more enjoyable.»
Dave Ciali, USA


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